Elaine Yaker, well regarded professional portrait photographer for over 20 years, has built the award winning Pierce Street Portrait studio, based upon many years of combining an easy talent working with children with a passionate love of fine art photography.

Children's Fine Art Portraiture is the Foundation of Pierce Street Portraits

As a well-respected member of the Birmingham, Michigan business and art community for over 30 years. The studio has never varied from its belief that each child is special and deserving of being photographed in a manner that allows his or her unique personality to find expression.

Rich Set of Options

While Black and White fine art portraits of children remain the principle service, Pierce Street Portraits also provides color, hand-colored, and sepia toned portraits as well as an array of interesting customized ways to enjoy your family's photographic riches. And while children of all ages are my most frequent subjects, I warmly welcome their parents, their grandparents, their cousins, and their cats, dogs, and goldfish!